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SHINTO Sushi House


  Asian Cuisine, Casual Dining

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Gemmayze / Mar Mikhael

SHINTO Sushi House, Armenia Str. Mar Mikhael, Ashrafieh, Beirut

Phone: +96170000514


SHINTO Sushi House, Mar Roukouz, 62 Str. Soheima, Hazmieh

Phone: +9615954224
Mobile: +96170000513

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Shinto defines an ancient religion of Japan dating from the 6th century C.E, and is still practiced till today. It us the belief that "spirits" exist in natural places, such as in animals, plants, stones, mountains, rivers and human beings. The symbol of a Shinto place of worship is a shrine that is usually located in a beautiful natural setting.With this as our inspiration, Shinto Sushi House opened its door to take you back to the authentic roots of Japan, offering a unique and casual culinary experience. Using the finest ingredients, our dishes are freshly prepared in our restaurant daily, whether for dine in or delivery.For an appetizing journey, we have an extensive menu to suit all tastes and desires. Begin with our starters, soups and salads then indulge yourselves in our wide section of sashimis, sushis, special makis and special rolls. For those of you who don't have sushi at heart, we also offer mouthwatering hot plates that can be served with rice or noodles. To have a complete satisfying end to your Japanese dining experience, order from our delicious desserts and refreshing drinks. Overall, our aim at Shinto is not just to provide you with a pleasant meal, but a rich and soothing experience. The minimalistic interior allows you to settle in a warm, and cozy space. With our friendly vibrant staff, we are dedicated to serve you the finest quality of diverse Japanese flavors that elevate both your spirit and taste buds.
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM





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