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All Days - Bella Mare Beach Resort Is Strictly for Women - F&B Not Allowed from Outside - Swimsuit is Mandatory - Shisha is allowed, Refill and Charcoal to be requested onsite

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Bella Mare Beach Resort, Sea side Khaldeh Road, Khaldeh, Aley District

Phone: +96170887112

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The Bella Mare women s resort is your ultimate escape to luxury. Just six minutes from Beirut and located in Khaldeh, Bella Mare boasts more than 8,000 square meters of undisturbed sandy beaches, restaurants, and more for your every indulgence. 
Nestled between two protective stone barriers – ensuring a clean and safe environment that is free from any and all natural or manmade pollution – the resort provides a relaxing experience for women and children. With a 30x10 meter infinity pool and a boardwalk for VIP members to take a relaxing stroll, your every vacation-mode need is met. 
Furthermore, Bella Mare has made your vacation into a stay-cation courtesy of its beauty lounge, two restaurants, juice cocktail bar, two shisha areas, and small café. 
Truly inclusive, we have also made sure everyone can benefit from Bella Mare, with entire families welcome after 6 pm, and a prayer room for those who wish to worship and reflect during any time of the day.
Our swimming pools are your escape to fun in the sun. 
Perfect for relaxing the day away, our infinity pool includes indented mini “islands” and special in-water indentations, where all members can rest under the palm trees and enjoy amazing views of our beach. Further adding to the relaxation, even the sound of the water has been tested to ensure the utmost calming experience. 
And if you’re bringing the little ones along for the day, there’s no need to worry. All children have their own special pool to play around in – supervised by trained lifeguards – while you enjoy your special “me-time” under the sun.
Courtesy of Khaldeh’s crisp, pure waters, Bella Mare’s sandy beach is clean and protected by two stone barriers. 
Enjoy the sea’s waves on a chaise lounge or directly on the sand, as your children play freely along the golden terrain. 
Take a walk, take in a tan, or take a swim in the Mediterranean. It’s all at your leisure, and your leisure is our specialty.
The Bella Mare VIP area was created for those who truly love to indulge. 
Resting on a small dock all its own, the VIP area offers exclusive access to the sea, a mini cocktail bar, open air showers, recharging station, complimentary towels, and more waiters to meet your every need.
What would a resort be without a special area for pampering? 
Bella Mare is not only a place where women can treat themselves to the sun and sea in privacy, but also where they can enjoy true moments to themselves with our premiere hair and nail salon, as well as massage parlor. 
Salon de Belleza – meaning “beauty” Spanish – offers a 360-degree luxury experience. Get your hair done, enjoy a manicure/pedicure, unwind with a relaxing massage by a professional masseuse, and even experiment with your style when you ask for a makeup session. 
Furthermore, you can receive your full beach kit upon entrance, containing a tote bag, slippers, portable USB, keychain, and sun hat. 
Salon de Belleza was created to truly reflect our customers: beautiful both inside and out.
What’s a hot day at the beach without a refreshing fruit cocktail to cool you down? 
At Bella Mare’s cocktail bar, members get to take a breather from the sweet sun and indulge in a little sweetness for the taste buds. 
Order from our menu’s wide variety of fruit cocktails and treat yourself to a healthy break in the shade.
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM for ladies only - 07:30 PM to 01:00 AM for Ladies and Gentlemen





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